Hombrew Recipe – Session Pale Ale

OG: 1,048 / FG: 1,011 / IBU: 36

This is an easy drinking hop blast! While boasting a noticeable bitterness, accentuated by the lower level of alcohol, this beer still drinks crisp with far less perceivable sweetness as the recipe contains no caramel malt. Classic citrus hop character, crisp finish, sessionable!

89% Pale Ale Malt
7% Munich Malt
3% Wheat Malt
1% Chocolate Malt

Cascade 60min – 12 IBU
Cascade 20min – 6 IBU
Simcoe 20min – 6 IBU
Cascade 10min – 6 IBU
Simcoe 10min – 6 IBU
Cascade 0min – 2g/liter
Simcoe 0min – 2g/liter
Dry hop with 2g/liter Cascade

White Labs California Ale (WLP001) or Mangrove Jack’s US West Coast (M44)