5 Swedish Craft Beers to Enjoy While Watching Football

It cannot be denied, watching football and drinking beer go hand in hand, and diving into some delicious Swedish craft beers has never been more appropriate. Presented here are five craft brews that will wet your whistle and enhance your football watching experience. Enjoy and drink responsibly!


Coppersmiths The Pawns Pils
Lager beers are a staple for football matches. And we don’t often think about microbreweries when we think lager beer. This beer comes from a well established craft brewery in Västerås. Their take on classic beer styles is inventive, and they always deliver. The Pawns Pils is a more hop forward pilsner with noticeable herbal and light citrus aromas. Combine this aroma with full malty undertones, and you get a very drinkable beer. Great as a compliment to your game time food!

ABV – 4,8%
Price – 18,70kr (33cl)


Grebbestad IPL
Grebbestad is one of Sweden’s best known breweries, and they do brew beers that only impress even though they are a big brewery. Grebbestad IPL hits the spot on so many levels. Bitter, strong, drinkable and extremely refreshing. It offers a beautiful hop aroma with a solid malty, bready background so typical of lager beers. If you want a lager beer that has that much more punch behind it, then this is the beer for you.

ABV – 6%
Price – 23,80kr (33cl)


Electric Nurse Pale Ale
This beer is one of the best selling craft beers in Sweden, and a sure fire win if you are looking for a full flavored craft beer that you can drink over and over again. This beer is primarily hop focused. A bouquet of aromas ranging from apricots to pineapple to passion fruit make it exciting yet not too overwhelming. If you are not so familiar with craft beer, this is a great place to start. Enjoy during mid-day games and with food!

ABV – 4,6%
Price – 22,30kr (33cl)


Oppigårds Amarillo
Oppigårds is one of the first, and best, craft breweries in Sweden. Pumping crisp, clean water from the depths of the Dalarna landscape, they deliver unmatched flavor and quality. Amarillo breaks into classic IPA ground. It is heavier in all areas, flavor, color, bitterness and alcohol. Apricots and oranges dominate the aroma, solid bitterness sits long in the mouth and a full body makes this a great beer to enjoy after those lighter ones.

ABV – 5,9%
Price – 20,90kr (33cl)


Stigbergets Promenadporter
You always need a dark beer to finish off a great night of watching football, or to drown yourself in the sorrows of watching your favorite team get knocked down. Promenadporter was the winner of the best beer at the 2016 En Öl & Whiskymässa in Göteborg and it deserves this recognition. Dark and roasty yet easy to drink, noticeable bitterness but still light in body. Maybe not a beer to drink many of, but definitely a beer to throw in there to mix things up.

ABV – 5,5%
Price – 28,90kr (33cl)